About Us

Metalcoat Engineering Sdn Bhd is a privately owned company that specializes in corrosion prevention coating. We specialize in Thermal Spray Coating for specific industrial applications. Thermal Spray Coating for corrosion prevention offer a far more superior coating for longer maintenance free time. We supply Cathodic protection, sacrificial anodes for the protection of steel structures such as pipeline, storage tank, marine pile and ship hull.

Core Business

Thermal spray coating needs for corrosion prevention, worn surface reclamation & repair or wear resistance.
Supply of sacrificial anode.
Coating Inspection services.
Exclusive agent and authorised distributor of DuraPol Ltd UK product for corrosion and chemical resistance.
Established in 2008, we offer the industry a dedicated and competent team to carryout the best coating job with safety and environment the main priority.
We are also the exclusive agent and authorised distributor for DuraPol Ltd. UK for their renowned chemical and erosion resistance coating.