Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal spray is a means of using material in a powder or wire form, energizing it, and then introducing a compressed gas to propel it on to a work piece to form a coating. Arc spray is the most productive and economical of all thermal spray coating system and the one recommended for anti-corrosion coating for the oil and gas industry.

Arc spray uses DC power to energize two conductive wires, one positive and the other negative. These energized wires are then fed through a feeder into a gun head. It is at the gun head that the wires meet and arc against each other, thus, creating molten material. We then introduce dry compressed air to the arc zone, atomizing the molten material into tiny droplets while also propelling them toward the prepared work piece. As the droplets hit the work piece, they flatten out and make splats. The splats interlock on top another to create an extremely strong mechanical bond.